Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More 1/144 float planes ready for action

I've managed to finish a couple of additional plane models for use with Ares Games Wings of Glory game system. The recent planes are all German floatplanes - a Hansa-Bradenberg W. 29 (the second of the collection) a Rumpler 6B and a FF.33E. All are maritime reconnaissance aircraft. The Rumpler is a single seat patrol fighter while the W.29 is a robust two-seater that served later in the war. The FF33E served from mid-war to the end of the war.

All three models were acquired from Shapeways. All were printed in either WSF or BSF material. I'm partial to BSF until something better comes along.

The Rumpler (on the left) and the new W.29 model. Decals on he W.29 by Tin-soldier.com

Rumpler in the front with FF33E in the back. 

Rear aspect of the Rumpler.

Folks over at the Aerodrome knocked out a customer plane card that matches the model.
Thanks guys! 

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