Sunday, January 1, 2017

15mm German armored cars for '44-'45

Battlefront released the box set of plastic Sdkfz 234 in December. I could resist picking them up.  One thing led to a box of Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz 250's and 251's and some Zvezda Opel Blitz trucks.

Here are the PSC Sdkfz 250 hulls. Two 250/9, two 250/1 and a 250/7.

The 250/1 with an Old Glory 251/9 and the PSC 251/1 in the rear.

The Old Glory 251/9 is close to twenty years old. It's showing it's age to the PSC model. The Old Glory model runs a little smaller that it's modern cousin. 

The Zvezda Opel Blitz is pitched as a 'snap tite' kit. But a good glue helps.

The recon battalion force. Three companies with a radio truck. Good screen for the panzer battalion.

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