Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anglo-Sikh War - the end of the beginning...

...but not the beginning of the end.

I've started painting the back log of Anglo-Sikh war figures that have been gathering dust the past few years. Many of the figures are Studio Miniatures while the rest are a mix of Foundry and Old Glory.

The plan is to paint enough figures to allow me to game the Battle of Sobraon from the Second Anglo-Sikh War. To do this, I need a bunch of additional linear bases of Sikh infantry and some additional artillery.

But for starters, I'm working on the infantry. Pulled out the old Osprey book on the Sikh army and started in on the turbans and facing.

These two stands are intended to be yellow turbans with yellow facings. 

This stand shall be blue turbans with yellow facings. I'm thinking the blue turban is almost too dark. Perhaps I should use the color of the trousers on the figure in the lower right? 

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