Monday, August 8, 2016

Those magnificent men in their (heavy) flying machines - The Letord and R.11 hit the work bench

Two new arrivals on the table, both twin engine aircraft.

The Letord is a French observation/bomber introduced in early 1917 and used throughout the war. This particular model is armed to the teeth with each observer having a pair of machine guns in a flexible ring mount. With this much firepower, the Albatross might find that this prey has fangs.

The Letord after surface preparation and  a primer coat of generic tan. 

Nice modelling of the wing and fuselage ribbing.

Our other arrival is a Caudron R.11 heavy escort fighter. More of a late war aircraft, the R.11 mounts an impressive five machineguns including one the fires to the rear and down through the bottom of the plane. Typically used as an escort to the BR.14 bombers. It may not be agile, but it packs a wallop!

The R.11 has nice big, streamlined engine nacelles. 

The R.11 evolved from the G.6 bomber design (you can see it in the back)

And now in the front. The R.11 is larger than the G.6

The R.11 on the left and the Letord on the right. The G.6 is stuck in the middle.

It's an all Caudron mission. Two G.6 escorted by the R.11.

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