Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1/144 German float planes - ready for action!

I'm almost done painting the plethora of float plane models for gaming with the Imperial German Navy Air Service. (Two holdouts which should be done in a week or two.)

Here is one of the Shapeways W12 models. This one (and the W29) were designed by colinwe.
The W 12 was painted a primer gray and then brush painted with Vallejo Sky Gray. The fun part was the three color naval camo pattern. No, I did not paint the camo patterrn. This is a decal produced by 1/144 Direct. This is an  excellent product. Easy to cut, easy to work with, adheres well.  

The model with the camo applied, but before adding the national insignia.

It takes a bit of time to cut the various pieces to fit, but it does pay off in the end.

Painting the W29 was esentially the same process, but with one fewer wing to worry about. The missing wing was more than made up for by the complex underwing struts. 

 The W.29 finish is a mix of the 1/144 Direct 3 color naval camo and the Reviresco W29 decal side panel with cross and number.

 Another plane on the table is the 1/144th Friedrichshafen FF49 two seater floatplane. I have two models - one got the three color naval lozenge pattern while the other got a very different two color camo pattern. While late-war, the pattern almost feels like something you would see 20-25 years later. These models took a bit more preperation as they were printed in White Strong and Flexible material. After an intial coat of PVA glue to fill sub surface pores, the application of multiple coats of clear acryllic gloss coat created a smooth surface the the paint and decals would work with.

In preparing the model two struts broke. They were replaced with brass rod.

 The FF49 was a 'large' biplane as cab seen in the below image where it is paired with a W12 (also not a small plane).

The FF49 on the left. Colors are sky gray and reflective green with cork brown floats.

The FF49 done up in three color naval lozenge camouflage. National markings are from 1/144 Direct.
Now the models are done, we're ready for some North Sea patrol engagements. The next images showcase the collection.

Three color lozenge rules! From front to back its -  FF49, W29, and a pair of W12. Bring on the Felixstowe!

The rest of the squadron, not as uniform in appearance. A pair of Brandenburg KDW with an AGO CII in front and a W12 making an appearance in the back.

The two FF 49 models showing the different paint schemes with the AGO CII in light blue and the KDW in the back.

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