Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blog Consolidation Time

I've come to the conclusion that hosting these multiple niche gaming blogs may be a great way to segregate the contect, but it's a real pain to manage these sites. To that end, I'm consolidating my gaming blogs under a single banner. I'll be retaining the Skill Level Zero blog as the master, but going forward it will feature not just Traveller / sci-fi related topics, but my other gaming interests as well. In the future you'll see posts related - but not limited  - to the following;

  • American Civil War naval gaming
  • Sikh Wars (mostly using Volley and Bayonet)
  • WWI aerial gaming (mostly using Wings of War / Wings of Glory
  • WWII aerial gaming (mostly using Check your 6)
  • The occasional board game
  • Assorted other gaming related topics
So stay tuned and thanks in advance for rolling with the changes!

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