Sunday, June 22, 2014

Painting a Khurusasn APC and Rebel Miniatures Titan gunship

Just to prove I'm not totally slacking off the last two weeks, here are a few pictures showing the - admittedly slow - progress I'm making toward getting some new units ready for the table. I've had both the Khurusan wheeled APC and the Rebel Miniatures Titan gunship for at least a year now, but progress stalled after I'd assembled and primed the models. But no more! Progress must be made and here's the proof it's starting to happen.

The current state of the painting table.

The painting work space is a little crowded right now with CMG grav vehicles, 28mm Sikhs, armored cars (Rebel Mini's and Matchbox) and the big APC and gunship models all competing for space.

Okay, not so maybe I have a few too many irons in the fire right now. But on with the show!

The Khurusan APC. Just looking for a few good Marines to check out the colony.

 The Khurusan APC is a BIG casting. The picture does not do it justice, but it's both broad and long. It's like a cross between an IFV and an RV. Those marines could live in this thing for a while if they had to do so. I've got a base coat of Olive Grey paint down. It's a good green base for 'army' type vehicles.

The Titan Gunship
Next up the "Flying Kaytusha" that is Rebel Miniatures Titan gunship. A good sized troop compartment is paired up with four fix forward medium cannon and up to SIX rocket pods (four under the wing and two - not pictured - mounted ABOVE the wing) to deliver a devastating salvo on enemy troop concentrations. The base coat here is again Vallejo Olive Gray. (Olive Gray is a theme color for this force. It gives the various VTOL a "Vietnam/Avatar" vibe and helps visually pull the models together into a sense of team.

Matchbox - Oshkosh MATV
I've mentioned the M-ATV before. It makes a nice sci-fi scout car/light APC. This one's been repainted in it's 'national colors of Olive Gray (again!) and light gray camoflague. I used a dremel tool to open up the gun shield and mounted a spare support weapon (I thing from a CMG model) in the turret. These MATV are some of the best I've seen from Matchbox for sci-fi gaming. 

I've got another model in progress that might get a spare tank gun and become the Fire Support variant with a low-velocity gun and no passenger ability. Have to see how that fits. If I don't like it, I see a missile launcher variant in it's place.


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  1. For your Khurasan APC, I have the Khurasan aliens and have ordered their marines, so there will be ground forces to support your APC and bugs to run over with your APC.