Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CSS Polk from Brown Water Navy

Another model that was recently added to my collection was the Confederate protected gunboat "General Polk" done by Brown Water Navy.  Contrary to most of the gaming models of Confederate gunboats, the Polk is massive. The depiction of this large model is based on research done by John W. Wallis and published in his work "IRONCLAD AND IRON PROTECTED VESSELS OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES NAVY". It's a great read that reflects the years of research John has invested in the period as well as the amount of new material that has come to light in the last twenty old years.

Let's take a quick look at the Polk...

Here is the model, unbased and unpainted. The grid is in inches.
The low pilot house matches Wallis's depiction. Guns are mounted in the casemate.

Here the Polk is paired with a Bay Area Yards model of the Lioness

Overhead shot with the Lioness

A Thoroughbred tinclad joins the lineup

A Thoroughbred model of the USS Benton for some size comparison.

For contrast the Genreal Polk paired with the USS Layfayette. Both models are Brown Water Navy.

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